сряда, март 27, 2013

неделя, март 17, 2013

ill nino в маршрутката

I just need - I just need to become your disease
I could be - I could be all that you will believe [...]
 I make you feel like yourself [...]
Just stay - I will take you away. [...]

 http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/illnino/howcanilive.html [...]

 I can smell the way you taste
 I chase every breath you take
And I'll wait
 Why would I deny?
 I don't have to lie
 Was there something that I missed?
 Well it's not this
 I just want to touch you
 I just want to fuck you [...]

 No puedo vivir
No quiero mentir
Tu eres parte de mi

 Yo si sueño en ti
Yo si pienso en ti
No se si piensas de mi

петък, март 01, 2013

някак, в някакъв момент, който не съм усетила... съм паднала под 50 килограма. о.О имам чувството, че и в 6ти клас не съм била толкова.