неделя, март 17, 2013

ill nino в маршрутката

I just need - I just need to become your disease
I could be - I could be all that you will believe [...]
 I make you feel like yourself [...]
Just stay - I will take you away. [...]

 http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/illnino/howcanilive.html [...]

 I can smell the way you taste
 I chase every breath you take
And I'll wait
 Why would I deny?
 I don't have to lie
 Was there something that I missed?
 Well it's not this
 I just want to touch you
 I just want to fuck you [...]

 No puedo vivir
No quiero mentir
Tu eres parte de mi

 Yo si sueño en ti
Yo si pienso en ti
No se si piensas de mi

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