петък, юли 31, 2009

Намерих го!

Кога го бях прочела? Преди две години, три? Няма значение. Пак си го намерих. Което е поредното доказателство, че, когато се амбицирам да направя нещо, рано или късно успявам.

"We all wear masks... sometimes we wear them for so long... we forget we're wearing them at all. And sometimes when we try and take off that mask, we forget what's underneath.. and we find just another mask. We try to make ourselves what we want to be...or what others want. And we lose who we are, who we were, and what we though we could be. (<3)

Until someone comes along and rips that mask away. It crumbles and falls away. And what we are left with is a shell of what we once were. It's cold without that buffer, that wall, that bastion of identity. And it hurts a whole lot, but it's missed when their gone.

And sometimes we fall in love with the idea of someone. But... that idea may be just what we fear from ourselves.

A mask. "

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